How Experts Choose Induction Furnaces

Companies that deal with molten metal know that they have to choose the best induction furnace to meet the needs of their customers. The conditions under which the melt metals determine the quality of their products. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing your equipment. Choosing the right heating equipment is not something that you can take lightly. Companies can easily experience problems because of the mistakes they made when buying, so you’ll want to avoid that scenario at all costs.

When you start shopping for these items, you will notice that there’s a huge variety of equipment and purpose. In addition to that, these furnaces have various heating capacities. The best approach would be to think about the needs of your company and come up with the features that you would want in a metal melting furnace. Here are some tips on how experts determine the best options.

Know the Melting Points of Different Metals

An induction furnace is meant to heat to a specific limit. You have to find out if the heat will be enough to melt all your materials. You will notice that when it comes to metals, every type has a different melting point. For instance, steel melts at 1,370 degrees Celsius. This means that if you are melting steel, you will not be looking for a gold or copper melting furnace.

No matter the kinds of metals you want to melt, there will always be a furnace that is meant for them. It is because of this reason that experts choose to focus on other essential features after they are sure that they will have enough heat for their work.

Look For High-Quality Furnaces

Experts often look at the quality of every induction furnace before buying it. They want to make sure that the materials used to make it will be suitable for their own purposes. Some furnaces are made from the best materials, but others may not be what you expect. Because of that, take time to look at how they have been made to know if they will be helpful for your work.

Quality is more important when you are looking for a used furnace because you never know the condition that it will be in. Once you find a used induction furnace for sale, check to make sure that all the parts are working optimally. You may also want to ask if they have been repaired and if they have any other faults. You should not agree to buy something that is worn out just because it comes at a lower price.

Think About the Melting Capacity and Energy Needs

The size of an induction furnace will also determine its suitability for your company because every company has its unique needs. You will notice that some of these furnaces are as small as 60gr (2.5 ounces) while others are as big as 25,000Kg (55,000 lbs.) Your choice should be determined by the amount of metals that you want to melt.

As for power suppliers, you have to know how much energy is needed to keep the induction heating equipment running. You will notice that while some of the equipment need high voltages, others only need a moderate supply of power. The main point is to ensure that you have enough power to run your machines and that you can produce enough molten metals to meet your demand.

In conclusion, looking for an induction furnace requires a lot of caution because the equipment comes in different forms. There are varied sizes and capabilities, and therefore, you have to take time to find those that suit your needs. The main aim should be to find a melting furnace that meets the needs of your company. If you have the time, you may want to compare several options from the supplier to identify the best offer.

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