AMELT Training

Employee training, and retraining, is essential to maximizing and maintaining the productivity and safety specifically in your melt shop staff by AMELT’s trainer professionals. Our programs place a strong emphasis on worker safety and preventative maintenance.

Advantages of AMELT’s Training

  • Strong emphasis on safety and preventative maintenance
  • Presenting at your location or at our facility for your convenience
  • Training for an individual or for any size group

Our instructors are highly experienced, factory-trained professionals who combine their knowledge of induction melting and heating systems with a strong ability for effective teaching.


AMELT offers standard training packages with the same expert, on- or off- site training in a wide range of melt shop-related subjects. The subject will be as :

  • Induction Basics
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Preventative/Routine Maintenance
  • Safety Aspects of Specific Equipment