Canadian Designer and Manufacture of Induction Melting Holding & Heating Furnaces




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Based in Toronto, Canada, AMELT specializes in custom designing, fabricating, and manufacturing induction melting furnaces including copper melting furnaces, iron casting furnaces, and aluminum melting furnaces for sale, to meet a host of different needs. Using the latest advanced technology and the highest quality products on the market, we produce a variety of versatile induction melting furnace designs that are second to none. Copper melting furnaces are designed to handle the high temperatures required for melting copper, ensuring precise and consistent results. Induction furnaces, on the other hand, utilize electromagnetic induction to generate heat, offering excellent energy efficiency and versatility for various applications. If you're involved in the iron casting industry, an iron casting furnace will provide the ideal melting environment to produce high-quality iron castings efficiently. Lastly, an aluminum melting furnace for sale can handle the unique requirements of melting and refining aluminum, enabling you to work with this versatile metal for diverse manufacturing purposes. We also design, fabricate and manufacture a complete line of induction power supplies, spare and replacement parts, water cooling systems and much more to meet all of our customers' needs.



As one of the leading Canadian induction furnace manufacturers, we are here to deliver you exactly what you need, whether you're seeking a copper melting furnace, induction furnaces, an iron casting furnace, or an aluminum melting furnace for sale, there's a solution to meet your specific needs. Our commitment towards our products and customers will reflect directly to reduce operational downtime and will maximize customer's casting productions. With over 30 years of experience working in the induction melting furnace industry, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment and services to the steel and foundry industries.

See how AMELT can help improve your production facility’s efficiency and productivity with our copper melting furnaces, induction furnaces, iron casting furnaces, and aluminum melting furnaces for sale. To learn more technical details about our variety of induction melting furnaces or other related products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.


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