AMELT manufactures a full range of high-voltage induction coil sizes for induction melting, holding, heating & forging applications.

As one of the leading Canadian induction heating coil manufacturers, all of our coils are custom designed and engineered for the customer's specific production needs and application. We have ability to supply all types of copper tubes including D shapes with high-conductivity copper tubing to maximize electrical efficiency and durability. Our high-voltage induction coils are designed with the mechanical and electrical strength to withstand the severe conditions of a foundry environment. High dielectrically and high temperature insulating materials are used for all coils to improve conductivity. Amperage and frequency is used in the induction melting furnace system.

For more information or to request a quotation on your current furnace coils please contact us via . Our team of professionals will custom design your high-voltage induction coil configuration to satisfy any unique melting application.

At AMELT Induction, we can design and manufacture all replacement induction coils from other suppliers such as: