Benefits of Used Induction Furnaces and Features to Consider When Buying

Buying a new induction furnace is an expensive venture, and you’ll need to do lots of saving and planning to get one for your foundry. Refurbished induction furnaces provide a cheaper way to acquire an induction furnace at a more affordable price. Refurbished induction heating equipment is previously owned foundry equipment that gets inspected, repaired, and marketed for re-use, but in good condition. Many people buy second-hand gadgets and even vehicles, and heavy industry equipment is no exception.

But why buy a used induction furnace for sale? Is a refurbished furnace worth your money? Business in the foundry proves that they are worth your money and here is why buying a pre-owned furnace is worth your while and cash.

Refurbishing is Eco-friendly

Without refurbishing there will be too much waste and waste maintenance is costly and detrimental to the environment. Refurbishing and re-using the induction furnaces is a cost-effective and green way to do business. Induction furnaces last for a few cycles of operation, but making them work for a few more cycles at an affordable cost is worth the effort. The production of steel in 2017 reached a high of 1.69 billion tones, which was a 3.9% increase from 2016. To catch up with such production more steel melting power is needed, even from refurbished foundry equipment.


Pre-owned used induction furnace for sale grants you the ability to buy into a like-new induction heating equipment that can allow you to handle all foundry processes at a price that is worth a fraction of new equipment.

Living Up to the Trend

Buying new foundry equipment is costly, but you can catch up with the latest smelting and foundry technology by buying refurbished equipment if you can’t acquire new equipment, which is a little expensive.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of how and why a refurbished furnace is a better option, what should you consider when buying a used induction furnace for sale?

Furnace Size

Your scale of operation determines the kind and size of the furnace that you’ll need. As such, you should know the number of kilograms of raw materials or ore that you need to process in one batch to know the size and kind of furnace that you’ll need. Choose your furnace based on your scale of operation.


Small furnaces always require minimum refraction, but large furnaces require more. As such, take your business needs into consideration and determine whether you’ll need more or less.

Noise Factor

If your foundry has limited space, then the foundry noise may be a little annoying. As such, you should always check the noise level of your refurbished furnace to know whether it is your right equipment or not. Noiseless induction furnaces are always the best, but if you can’t get such, then try equipment with some noise reduction.


Ideal induction furnaces should offer you control over smoke, dust, emissions, and any other pollutants, which often get released during the smelting process. You should talk to your seller of pre-owned foundry equipment to know how much control your new pre-owned furnace will offer you.

Oxidation Melt Loss

Core type induction furnaces minimize oxidation, which characterizes normal induction melting processes. Minimized oxidation improves the overall yield and reduces the level of oxidation during melting and related losses. As such, you should always consider the oxidation rate when buying a used induction furnace for sale.


Induction furnaces have the least dirt and waste, and they can maximize your basic foundry processes. These furnaces don’t use combustion to heat your smelting process and this implies that there is little waste to clean up after the smelting process.

Buying new equipment is the norm in society and it’s a thing that’s preferable to many. But buying used induction furnace for sale grants you new opportunities. You can get affordable equipment that is often expensive, but at a price that is worth a fraction of its original price, yet it can offer you the same service as new equipment. Buy used induction furnace equipment today and get the benefits of refurbished pre-owned equipment.

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