How Can I Improve My Manufacturing Output This Summer?

Whether you’re running a large manufacturing company or operating a startup, your productivity is a vital part of your customer satisfaction and overall success. However, it can be tricky to keep your output high during the summer months when the weather is hot and your equipment is at risk of overheating.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a small guide to help you keep your productivity output up even when the temperature is up there with you. Consider the following tips below.

Remember that maintenance is key

Your manufacturing equipment is the backbone of your business. That means you need to treat your machines with care, especially during the summer when they’re at risk of overheating.

Give your machines breaks throughout the day to cool off and remember that maintenance is the most important thing. It’s easier and takes less time to prevent problems with your machines than to fix them later on.

Use the right industrial lubricants for the season

Your manufacturing equipment uses metalworking fluids to keep cool, run smoothly, and keep debris from building up in the machines. But your industrial fluids can actually become thinner when the temperature rises. This reduces the lubricant’s ability to cool off the equipment and reduce friction.

To fight back against the summer heat, try using synthetic lubricants that are compliant with your equipment. Synthetics’ viscosity isn’t as affected by temperature changes as other lubricants so they’re easier and more efficient to use during the summer.

Consider investing in an in-house induction furnace

When you’re starting out in the manufacturing industry, it can save you time and money to outsource an induction furnace and other induction equipment. But when you’ve been in the manufacturing game for a while, it’s time to bring those furnaces in-house.

In-house induction furnaces give you the ability to manage your own production output, how hard your working, and your furnace maintenance.

Looking for a new induction furnace?

Approximately 17% of the steel that’s imported into the U.S. comes from Canada, but to make something out of that steel you need a high-quality induction furnace first. That’s where AMELT comes in.

AMELT offers used Inductotherm induction furnaces, new induction furnaces, and spare parts to keep your manufacturing company running smoothly and efficiently. For more information on our induction melting furnaces, spare parts, or refurbished equipment, contact AMELT today.

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