Why An Induction Forging Furnace?

Metal is the keystone of our society today. It’s an essential component in nearly everything we use on a daily basis. When we think of metal processing and forges, we often think of big, dramatic flames, molten metal flowing and glowing red tongs withstanding flying hammers. But technology has come a long way since the myth of Hephaestus forging weapons for the Gods on Mount Olympus. The technology of the induction forging furnace is now a better option to more traditional gas furnaces.

Anyone who works with, knows and respects metals should know the benefits of the induction forging furnace. From steel, whose melting point is 1370 Celsius (2500 degrees Fahrenheit) to gold to aluminum or copper, an induction forging furnace is an invaluable piece of equipment in the precision casting business.

Traditional gas furnaces require pre-heat cycles and shutdowns, which in some cases can cause delays when extremely high heat is needed immediately. In contrast, an induction forging furnace is available to begin steel melting (or any other metal melting) right away, with no need for a pre-heat cycling process. This is because the induction forging furnace heater’s exceptionally high-power density heats the metal component very quickly, also helping to prevent potential lags in the process of induction melting.

Since the heat from the induction furnace is generated within the component itself, the transfer of heat energy is very efficient and without any waste. It also does not create environmental waste products and is much cleaner than more traditional gas furnaces.

The steady, uniform heat the induction forging furnaces provide also increases the accuracy and consistency of the forging process. Because of the improved reliability, accuracy and availability, for those looking for a specialized gold melting furnace, an induction furnace is the obvious choice to forge their precious metals.

If you are in the business of metal, it would be a crime not to investigate the world of the induction forging furnace. If brand new equipment isn’t an option, be sure to explore refurbished equipment and spare parts, or a used induction furnace. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on this innovative technology that will make working with metal more consistent, efficient and swift. Most importantly, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re achieving the best quality with the best technology.

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