4 Tips For Expanding Your Foundry

On the whole, metal production can be an incredibly lucrative business. A foundry is a business with plenty of directions to grow in, but not every business owner always sees the opportunity sitting in front of them. For those looking to take their foundry profits to the next level and expand their business, use these tips to get ahead and stay ahead.

Work With Different Industries

If you’re starting out in the steel industry, you’re in luck; there’s plenty of room for you to expand without hardly having to change your work environment. Steel is a material that’s in high demand, since it’s used in just about every industry you can think of from architecture, to robotics, to auto manufacturing, and more. You might specialize in using your steel melting induction furnace for a particular industry right now, but don’t rule out setting up business ties outside your usual industry.

Try New Types Of Metal

Maybe you’re already working with plenty of steel and several different industries, but you’re still not having much luck with growing. In this case, it might be time to expand to other types of metal as well. Copper melting furnaces can be well worth the investment, as can gold melting furnaces. You’re more likely to use these for different purposes than you do your steel, but this will allow you to expand what you can do and what services you can offer.

Look To Market Abroad

If you’re having issues selling at home, why not sell abroad? Steel is a major export that can increase your profits significantly. In fact, the U.S. is the world’s number one importer of steel. In 2017, the country imported up to $27 billion worth of steel. Going international might be a challenge logistically, but it could be well worth the investment for your foundry.

Upgrade Your Furnaces

When was the last time you updated or upgraded your furnaces? While furnaces can last for an incredibly long time, they’re not going to last forever without plenty of services and parts. Improving on your existing furnaces can help improve their efficiency, making your overall business run far more smoothly. For more information on upgrading your furnaces or even buying used induction furnaces to expand your foundry, contact Amelt today.

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