Common Induction Heating Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Your induction furnace is a vital part of your business whether you’re running a foundry or an alloy manufacturing company. So when your induction heating coil and other parts need to be replaced sooner than expected, it can put your business back several days in operations.

If your induction heating equipment is short-lived and your furnace needs routine repairs, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most common induction heating mistakes that could be hurting your metal melting furnace.

You’re making repairs but not maintenance calls

Preventative maintenance is vital for every kind of machine, but especially for an induction furnace. Preventative maintenance extends the life of the furnace, lets you catch small problems before they become major disasters, and it keeps your furnace running efficiently for longer. Rather than working around unplanned downtime, you can plan around scheduled maintenance.

By waiting for the problem to become a major issue, you’re also shortening the life of your steel or copper melting furnaces and causing more damage to your equipment. It also takes a lot longer to repair an induction furnace after it breaks down than it does to have it inspected.

You’re connecting to the wrong neutral conductor

It’s not only important to conduct preventative maintenance on your induction furnace but you also need to be sure you’re hiring the right professionals. This is because another common error in induction heating is when an electrician connects to the wrong neutral conductor.

When you or the electrician you’ve hired connect to the wrong neutral conductor, it can cause the panel exterior and the conduit to get hot. This overheats the conductor insulation and damaged your equipment. That said, be sure you’re hiring a professional electrician who has worked with induction furnaces before.

Your charging techniques are incorrect

You can do a lot of damage to your induction furnace when you use the wrong charging techniques. Incorrect charging techniques can crack the lining of your furnace, which can mean major problems when you try to melt steel or other metals.

If you notice signs of bridging and cracking in your induction or copper melting furnace, there’s a chance you or your employees are using the wrong charging techniques.

Where can I find an induction furnace for sale near me?

Induction heating is the industry standard for steel melting, copper melting, and gold melting. The melting point of steel is 1,370 degrees Celsius, or 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes induction melting furnaces the optimal choice for efficiency.

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