3 Benefits Of Using Induction Melting To Recover Precious Metals

The recovery of a precious metal involves removing all traces of that metal from another object. The refinement process is sometimes performed along with the recovery process, but it’s important to note that recovering a precious metal isn’t the same as refinement.

Precious metal refinement consists of techniques such as acid treatment and heat reduction. But it’s induction melting that’s considered one of the most beneficial methods of recovering and purifying the metal completely.

Here are three reasons why induction melting is one of the best ways to recover precious metals:

  1. The process is more efficient. Unlike traditional melting systems, which take a long time to melt metals, induction melting furnaces heat up quickly to high temperatures. Induction heating systems can complete processes that typically take multiple days within a few hours because of their efficient heating.
  2. Induction systems are energy efficient. Not only are induction heating systems efficient when it comes to heating up but they’re also energy efficient. Induction furnaces consume less energy compared to oil-fired furnaces while maintaining high temperatures. This makes production more cost-effective and the metals produced can be sold at a lower price.
  3. The heating capacity yields better results. Induction melting furnaces have a heating capacity that’s considered more superior than other types of furnaces. Induction heating furnaces can heat up to extremely high temperatures while more traditional furnaces struggle to reach those numbers. These high temperatures are why induction melting furnaces are so great for melting any type of precious metal. What’s more, the intense heat generated by an induction furnace can be easily controlled by the professionals operating it. Traditional heating furnaces like oil-fired furnaces often require a lot of hard work and sweat to keep higher temperatures under control.

Looking for induction heating equipment?

Induction heating equipment is used for a variety of applications in many different industries, but it’s especially useful for steel melting. Up to 88% of Canada’s steel exports went to the U.S. in 2016 and up to 17% of U.S. steel imports come from Canada.

Whether you’re looking to use an induction furnace for steel melting, iron melting, or to recover precious metals, AMELT has the induction melting furnaces you need. To learn more about our used induction furnace, replacement parts, and other products, contact AMELT today.

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