All About Induction Forging

Steel is used in countless things that we used every single day – think close to 1.7 billion tonnes used worldwide in 2017 alone. Of that, around 13% was used for automobiles and auto-related purposes, and 16% was used for mechanical equipment. There is no doubt that steel is a necessary part of a wide range of industries.

So, how do we get these metals to form into the tools and products we need? That’s where an induction forge comes in. Learn more below.

What Is an Induction Forge?

An induction forge is used in steel melting. It provides high enough temperatures to turn the metal red hot, so that it is primed and ready to be shaped however needed. An induction forging furnace offers the technician more accuracy throughout the heating process, ensuring the results are as precise and uniform as possible.

If you have smaller parts to work with, then an induction forge is exactly what you need. It offers a more ideal scale for getting those small pieces to shape perfectly, without hurting any other part of the overall product. The surrounding areas will not be affected whatsoever because the heat is honed specifically on the part you need to shape.

These machines also heat up and cool down quickly, reducing the amount of energy used in the process. This means you will pay less month to month, and it is better for the environment, too. Less smoke and emissions are put out, keeping your air cleaner and your employees safer.

In the end, product quality is improved, as well as productivity and overall consistency. Why? Because it maintains a pattern, works quickly, and the part being shaped never comes into contact with an actual flame.

Do you Need a Steel Melting Induction Furnace?

If you are in this line of work, one thing is certain: Induction heating equipment can make a huge impact on sales, productivity, and work environment.

Finding the right metal melting furnace for your needs does not need to be a challenge. Work with us today to ensure you get set up right every step of the way. Our reliable crew is happy to help you out, and we do our best to never let our customer base down. Call today, so that we can get this process started.

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