Why Is My Induction Heating Coil Biting The Dust Early?

Induction furnaces are clean and energy-efficient when it comes to steel melting. Yet, even with their energy efficiency, your induction heating coil may not be lasting for as long as you’d like it to.


In some instances, you coil life can be as short as a single year. Short-lived induction heating coils can cost our company in productivity and replacement coils.


So what is it that’s causing your induction heating coils to bite the dust early and what can you do to keep from swapping them out within one year?


You’re using the wrong charging techniques


The wrong charging techniques can do a lot of damage to your induction furnace including the heating coil. Incorrect techniques can cause a crack in the lining of your furnace, which causes run-out when melting steel.


Incorrect charging techniques can also cause bridging, which is when the bridge of your furnace rises beyond the maximum capable temperature of the refractory.


That said, if your induction heating coil and the lining in the furnace have been showing signs of bridging and cracking, it may be a sign you or your employees are using the wrong charging techniques.


You’re not using preventative maintenance


You can cause your business’ productivity to drop when you’re routinely having to replace induction heating coils or even the entire furnace itself because you’re not taking preventative maintenance seriously.


Preventative maintenance is key to extending the life of your induction heating coil. When you choose to wait for something to go wrong before fixing the problem, you’re more likely to end up with heating coils with a shortened life.


Talk to your induction furnace manufacturer so you know what your preventative maintenance schedule ought to look like and go from there to periodically support your heating coil.


Looking for induction melting services and parts?


Induction melting can be used at frequencies between 50 cycles per second and 10,000 cycles per second. Sometimes, even with proper maintenance, you need services and parts to repair your induction furnace or you need a new-to-you used induction furnace.


Whether you’re looking for a used induction furnace for sale or new induction heating equipment, Amelt has what you need. To learn more about our services and parts for steel melting, contact Amelt today.

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