Surprising Places You Might Find An Induction Furnace

While typically used for melting down steel and precious metals, induction furnaces are actually important to a surprising number of different industries. Induction furnaces are actually used in everything from jewelry making, to mining, to rocket science, to robotics. Read on to learn more about the various industries that make use of induction furnaces.

Jewelry Making And Precious Metals

In order to obtain the raw materials for making jewelry, precious metals first need to be melted down; in order to do this, induction furnaces are used. Induction melting is especially helpful when recycling the metals from old jewelry, especially platinum and gold. The recycled, melted metals are able to then be shaped into new jewelry, reducing the need for newly mined precious metals.

Mining Industries

Induction furnaces help improve the efficiency and productivity of many operations within the mining industry. By melting down the mined metals, the raw materials are able to be more easily transported for further refinery away from the mining site. Condensing the mined material into easily transportable forms helps save on costs when it comes to shipping, and helps mining companies to reduce their operations costs.

Induction Furnaces In The Sciences

Because so many electronics are made of and rely on the use of metal products, induction furnaces are essential in these industries. In fact, roughly 16% of the world’s steel is used for manufacturing and robotics. Induction furnaces make the metals needed for aerospace engineering, robotics, and various other electronics readily available. Without induction furnaces, there would be an overwhelming lack of steel and other important alloys used in scientific industries.

Induction furnaces and heating equipment are used in a wide variety of industries to help improve operations, reduce costs, and create products used by people every day. These pieces of equipment make huge impacts in a shocking number of industries, and plenty of companies rely on them on a daily basis to maintain their businesses.

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