How To Extend Lining And Coil Life In Your Induction Furnace

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Induction furnaces are the clean and energy-efficient cousins of other metal melting processes. Their efficiency works especially well in the automotive industry where approximately 13% of the world’s steel is used.

Unfortunately, the coil life in your induction furnace can sometimes last as short as one year. This can put a damper on your business’ productivity.

But how can you maximize the lining life and coil life of your induction furnace to get the most out of your metal melting equipment?

Use the proper charging techniques

It’s critical to use the correct charging techniques to prolong the life of your induction furnace’s coils and lining. When you use the wrong charging techniques, you can damage the refractory.

What’s more, you can crack the lining of your induction furnace when you drop very large pieces into the furnace. This is problematic because a cracked lining can cause a run-out situation when you’re melting the metal.

Incorrect charging techniques can also cause bridging. This causes the bridge to rise in temperature beyond the maximum capable temperature of the refractory. That said, be sure you’re using the correct charging techniques to prevent run-out, bridging, and damage to your lining.

Take advantage of preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to extending the life of your machines and induction furnaces are no different. Contact your induction furnace manufacturer to get ahold of a preventative maintenance schedule.

It’s not a good idea to wait for something to go wrong before fixing your induction furnace. Without proper maintenance, your induction furnace’s coils will have a shortened life.

Be sure to periodically torque the magnetic shunts in your furnace if your induction furnace has them. This will help them support the coil and stay in the right place. The torque procedure needs to be done according to the recommendations of the furnace manufacturer.

Monitor the lining wear

Another way to extend the life of your induction furnace’s lining is to regularly track the refractory lining. You can do this by taking measurements of the lining after it’s cooled off. This helps to predict when the lining needs to be changed.

Where can I find a used induction furnace for sale?

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