5 Popular Applications Induction Furnaces Are Known For

Approximately 16% of the world’s steel is used for mechanical equipment such as robotics and manufacturing. Yet, one of the first steps to producing a useful steel product in many industries is melting.

Induction melting furnaces provide fast melting rates at maximum efficiency. This allows companies like yours to get the best metal quality possible for your products.

But what are the different applications that induction melting furnaces can be used for? Here are five of the many applications that induction furnaces can be used for in your melting, heating, holding, and pouring operations.

    1. Investment casting. Induction melting is often used for investment casting because they come in a wide variety of air and vacuum furnaces. These furnaces work great for nearly all metals.
    2. Precious metals melting. Steel is precious for many, but induction furnaces can also be used to melt precious metals such as platinum group metals. This allows them to be refined and used for jewelry manufacturing.
    3. Copper melting. Induction furnaces can be used to melt custom castings or casting large bronze structures. They’re built to provide the melting you need for most copper applications with low metal loss and precise temperature control.
    4. Alloy manufacturing. Induction furnaces are popularly used in alloy manufacturing for optimal uniformity and flexibility. Those in alloy manufacturing companies can count on induction furnaces to provide them with the correct amount of induction stirring each and every time so every product comes out exactly the same.
    5. Aluminum melting. Aluminum melting is another popular application used for induction melting. Because induction furnaces are energy efficient, they’re considered optimal for converting alumina into pure aluminum and then into aluminum alloys. This is because this process consumes a lot of energy and so the more energy that can be saved the better.


Where can I buy an induction melting furnace?

The melting point of steel is up to 1,370 degrees Celsius and you need a high-quality induction melting furnace to get up to that point. Fortunately, Amelt is the go-to place for high-quality induction melting furnaces.

Whether you’re looking for an induction melting furnace, a gold melting furnace, or spare parts for your induction heating equipment, Amelt has what you need. For more information on our metal melting furnaces and replacement parts for your steel melting induction furnaces, contact Amelt today.

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