Top Transportation Industries That Benefit From Induction Heating Equipment

Induction heating equipment can be used for a variety of things. Induction furnaces allow us to melt down steel and other metals to create just about anything — from necessities like automobiles to luxuries like jewelry. They also assist with the manufacturing of alloys through induction hardening.

Not only do these machines make the lives of the everyday population easier, but they also make the lives of working professionals less stressful. Here are the top professions utilizing induction heating equipment today.

The Automotive Industry

If you drive a car, help produce them in a factory, or even sell them, you can thank induction heating equipment for shrinking your commute.

Putting a car together requires four major metals:

  • steel
  • aluminum
  • titanium
  • iron

Induction heating equipment like a metal melting furnace is crucial for creating those parts that help us get from point A to point B.

The Transportation Industry

Of course, there are other modes of transportation besides cars alone. Through 13% of the world’s steel is used in the automotive industry, steel parts also are necessary for constructing other modes of transportation. ATVs, school buses, subways, and large trucks meant for transporting goods are built from equipment made from melted down metal. In this day and age, opting out of buying a car may be a more efficient and financially savvy move for certain individuals. But public transportation, or alternative modes of transportation, will still be only as useful as the strong parts they are constructed out of.

The Aerospace Industry

Lastly, the aerospace industry also benefits greatly from the steel and metal parts constructed through induction heating methods. Not only do we get around by driving, biking, or getting onto the subway or train, but we can also fly to our destination due to modern inventions. What’s more, exploring the universe is made possible thanks to the equipment used to perform induction heating.

Thankfully, induction heating equipment like the melting furnace and steel melting machines exist to serve a wide variety of professions. You don’t necessarily need to be in construction or manufacturing to find these tools useful. Multiple professions depend on this advanced way of creating the perfect parts to get us from place to place quickly and efficiently.

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