The Importance of Having Replacement Parts for Your Induction Furnaces

While the United States is the largest importer of steel in the world, nearly 17% of steel imported to the U.S. comes from Canada. Within this booming market, induction melting furnaces are widely used broadly for their many benefits that include quality melting with the lowest amount of loss. However, if you use an induction forge, it’s also important to keep a stock of replacement parts on hand, to ensure that your unit won’t be offline for long, should you ever need repairs.

Types of Induction Furnaces

  • Channel Furnaces
    This type of induction furnace uses a lined shell to contain the molten material, to which the induction unit is attached. Used most commonly for melting alloys with low melting temps, channel induction furnaces can also be used for holding metal that was previously melted in a coreless furnace.
  • Coreless Furnaces
    This type of furnaces utilizes a coil of conductive copper wound around an additional coil that is housed within a shielded shell. Water is recycled through the unit to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. Typically used for iron, steel, and non-ferrous alloys, this type of induction furnace is one of the most popular due to its high level of control.

The Benefits of Replacement Parts

If your induction furnace needs repairs or parts replaced, without the necessary components on hand, you could risk delaying your operations and losing out on productivity. This is detrimental to business and can even negatively impact customer relations. If you fall behind schedule. By having replacement parts on hand, you mitigate this risk and ensure that your induction furnace gets back up and running sooner. The most important replacement parts can include; heat sinks, snubbers, firing modules, tanks, and filter capacitors. Stocking up on these replacement parts, in particular, can help keep up productivity and ensure that you have what you need should repairs be required.

If you’re currently using, or are thinking about investing in, an induction furnace, consider preemptively stocking up on key replacement parts to ensure that your furnace can continue running smoothly for years to come. An induction furnace can be an invaluable asset in the steel industry, but only if you have the correct parts to maintain it properly.

If you would like to stock up on replacement parts, reach out to your induction furnace manufacturer and ask about the parts they will be able to provide to you.

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