Maximization Tips To Make The Most Of Your Induction Furnace

Productivity is crucial to your business’ success. It’s what drives manufacturing output and good customer service.


If your metal-casting business has been seeing lower productivity, the problem could be that you’re not maximizing the use of your induction furnaces. So how can you get the most out of your induction heating equipment to increase your business’ productivity level and manufacturing output?


Consider the following tips to help make the most out of your foundry’s induction heating equipment.


Give your induction furnace maintenance as needed


It can be tempting to leave your induction furnace to run without maintenance until something has gone wrong. But maintenance is necessary to keep small problems from becoming big disasters.


It’s easier to replace a part on your induction heating equipment than to replace the entire furnace. Consult with your furnace’s manual to determine when your induction heating equipment needs maintenance according to the manufacturer. Adhere to these instructions to ensure your system stays efficient and doesn’t drain your business’ energy.


Change your operating procedures


Longer holding times require more energy consumption, which can reduce the lifespan of your induction furnace. Consider short holding times instead to improve your melting equipment’s efficiency.


It may also be a good idea to analyze how your foundry is operating to determine how you can be more productive. It could be that your manufacturing output is slowing down because of operating procedures or because your induction furnace needs to be replaced.


Be sure the invest in the right induction furnace


Sometimes the problem isn’t how you’re using your induction furnace, but rather the furnace you’ve invested in. It’s important when choosing a furnace that you’re not simply looking for one that will get the job done.


Instead, look for an induction furnace that meets the needs of your business and then some. Amelt specializes in custom designing and manufacturing induction melting furnaces that meet many different needs for different businesses.


Where can I find induction heating equipment?


Approximately 50% of the world’s steel is used for building and infrastructure. Steel melting induction furnaces are necessary to make steel usable for these types of projects.


Amelt offers new induction furnaces, used induction furnaces, and replacement parts to ensure your business stays productive in its manufacturing output. To learn more about our induction furnaces and refurbished equipment, contact Amelt today.

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