Five Ways Induction Furnaces Can Be Used

With 16% of the world’s steel going towards manufacturing and robotics, the steel industry shows no signs of slowing down. Because of this, having the correct steel melting equipment is crucial for ensuring that you can compete effectively in the industry. Steel melting induction furnaces are one such tool that you should know about if you are in the market for a new furnace.

An induction furnace is one of the best ways to melt steel efficiently and with minimal loss. But what exactly can steel melting induction furnaces be used for? Here are five key ways steel melting induction furnaces can be used to benefit your business.

  • Aluminum Melting Aluminum melting is one application that induction melting can be used for. Because induction furnaces are highly energy-efficient, they are considered the best option for converting alumina into aluminum and aluminum alloys. This is because the traditional process consumes a lot of energy that can be detrimental if done in another type of furnace.
  • Alloy Manufacturing Induction furnaces are also popular for alloy manufacturing as they can provide optimal flexibility and uniformity. If you’re tasked with manufacturing alloys, induction furnaces can provide you with the correct amount of stirring each and every time, ensuring that every batch is uniform in consistency and exactly the same throughout.
  • Melting Precious Metals Steel melting is important throughout the industry; however, induction furnaces can also melt precious metals such as platinum. This allows them to be beneficial in jewelry manufacturing and in any other process that needs to utilize high-quality precious metals.
  • Copper Melting Steel melting induction furnaces can also be used for melting custom castings or for casting large bronze structures. These furnaces are designed to provide optimal melting for most every copper application with minimal loss and exact temperature control.
  • Investment Casting Lastly, induction melting furnaces are often used for investment casting due to the fact that they come in a variety of vacuum and air furnaces, which work best for melting nearly all types of metals.

Purchasing a Steel Melting Induction Furnace

If you are in need of a steel melting induction furnace, reach out to a manufacturer or distributor and ask about the sizes and types that they can provide. In some cases, you can even find used induction furnaces that can help you save money without sacrificing the quality of the furnace. Ultimately, the type of induction furnace you settle on will depend on what you’re melting, how much metal you need to be melted at a time, and how much space you have to work with. An induction furnace distributor will be happy to discuss the options with you so that you can find exactly what you need for your steel melting business.

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